Ajay Devgan proved to be the best director along with the actor

Runway 34 Movie: Seeing this movie, it really felt that somewhere Ajay Devgan is doing a little harm to actor Ajay Devgan in the matter of considering Big B as a director. Despite this, ‘Runway 34’ is such a movie, that from start to finish, you can try to get up only once and that is interval time.

The film is based on true incident

From this movie, Ajay Devgan is going to get that, which he was waiting for 14 years, that is, to give a super hit movie as a director, seeing this movie, it seems that it will fulfill his dream, which will make him ‘U’. ‘Me and Hum’ and ‘Shivay’ could not be completed. The story of this movie is inspired by a true incident, which happened a few years ago, this incident is related to a big plane crash, which kept happening. Once the flight coming from Doha to Cochin was due to bad weather, the pilot decided to land in Trivandrum, but there also suddenly the weather turned bad and the visibility became excessively low and in this confusion, the fuel of the plane ran out. . Then whom the pilot played on his life and brought him down and how the very next day the pilot and the pilot were dragged into a high level investigation instead of getting praise, this is shown in this movie.

movie characters

In this movie, Ajay Devgan has played the role of pilot Vikrant Khanna and Rakul Preet Singh has played the role of pilot Tanya Albuquerque. This is Rakul Preet’s second movie with Ajay Devgan in a very hurry after ‘De De Pyaar De’, Ajay has cast Akanksha Singh in the role of wife, who is known for the TV serial ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha’. goes. Amitabh Bachchan’s character is that of Narayan, a sharp officer of the DGCA’s investigative committee, who is an expert in hair removal, forces people to make mistakes by coercing people with his evidence, logic and psychological tricks.

Boman Irani character

Boman Irani’s character is that of an airlines owner, who at first is very happy to see the airline’s stock rising due to the applause of his pilot, but later loses consciousness as the investigation progresses. Perhaps Boman Irani did not get the role in which he could keep himself strong. The roles of Angira Dhar, CarryMinati, Akanksha Singh etc. were not very big, so whatever they did, they did the best in their scope. The movie was Ajay Devgan’s and Amitabh Bachchan’s and both of them lived their character in a tremendous way.

Strengthened Amitabh’s character

Director Ajay Devgan also designed the character of these two in a special way, on one hand, while giving Ajay’s character more stylish and coolness than before, Amitabh Bachchan’s character was given a little more sharpness so that his character was stronger in front of the hero. Started. Ajay’s ability to remember the minute details, find excuses to smoke cigarettes and keep his mind cool even in the toughest of times is sure to be liked by his fans. But while his fans will wait in the climax to break the coolness and give a befitting reply to Big B, his reason for choosing ‘Runway 34’ for landing and the demo with the old visuals he gives by flying a model flight, impresses his style. So does, but from the inside it seems that more strong or antidote should have been answered. But perhaps he wanted to keep Big B’s character strong, so he took it seriously.

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