Urfi Javed disbalance in front of paparazzi

Urfi Javed: Due to her fashion sense, Urfi Javed is constantly in the headlines. But sometimes her fashion sense and high heels become such a web that she saves herself in front of the camera. One such incident happened with Urfi Javed some time back where she was seen somehow saving her lure in front of the camera.

wore black leather clothes

Urfi Javed was wearing black leather clothes at that time. The actress wore a bralette with loose pants which were full sleeved. Urfi Javed looked as bold as ever in this look.

stagger while posing

Urfi Javed was constantly posing in front of the paparazzi. In such a situation, as soon as Urfi turned backwards, she became disbalanced due to high heels. After which she stumbled.

handle yourself as

Seeing Urfi Javed staggering, once it seemed that his balance should not be lost completely and he should not fall anywhere. However, Urfi managed herself in some way and again stood up and started posing.

Dress slipped in front of the camera

Recently Urfi Javed became a victim of Oops Moment. This incident happened with the actress at the Mumbai airport when she was posing in front of the paparazzi. The actress wore pajamas with a bralette, but while posing, her bralette slipped from the front and she was hit by an oops moment.

live in discussion

Urfi Javed remains in the discussion with her dressing sense. Every day such videos of him come to the fore, seeing which the fans are unable to stop themselves without commenting.

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