Asaduddin Owaisi again spewed poison

Asaduddin Owaisi again spewed poison

Asaduddin Owaisi again spewed poison : AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi has once again targeted BJP and PM Narendra Modi. On the Hyderabad Honor Killing of a Hindu youth for having an inter-religious marriage, Owaisi said that he condemns the incident. But why is PM Modi not asked on the killings of Muslims in other parts of the country.

Owaisi said, ‘The Hyderabad incident is a crime by law. Whoever has done this has done wrong. The murder of one innocent is the murder of the entire humanity. But when Asif’s house was demolished in Dindori for marrying a Hindu girl, why did no one speak? The person who killed Akhlaq was gulposhied but why did no one speak.’

‘Why no one speaks when the house of Muslims is broken’

The AIMIM chief raised the question, ‘When the houses of Muslims are broken, no one speaks. Muslim houses are being demolished in different parts of the country. Modi does not speak on this. Then ask us why we are not speaking on Hyderabad incident.

Owaisi said, ‘It is necessary for the Muslims of India to make their political leadership. As long as you make your representatives successful, the clouds of ruin will continue to hang. They want to snatch our rights, so you have to make your own politics. Those on whom AAP relied not only failed but because of them such a Jamaat (BJP) has come.

‘BJP has declared war against Muslims’

Attacking BJP, AIMIM chief said, BJP has declared war against Muslims of India. In UP, we kept saying that you (Muslims) do not have the power to change any government, but you definitely have enough power to make your representatives successful. But you did not listen, the result was that BJP formed the government in UP.

Speaking on the bulldozer campaign in UP, Owaisi said, ‘The 100-year-old madrassa in UP was bulldozed but the SP MLA there did not even give a statement. Bulldozer goes on in Jahangipuri, I got a chance to go. I saw that even the front gate of the mosque was broken. Still no one spoke. Even after this you say qaum, qaum, qaum.’

‘You hate India not Muslims’

Expressing displeasure over the Jodhpur incident, Owaisi said, ‘Whatever happened in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. Topi people were attacked in Jodhpur. We could not even celebrate Eid happily. I tell those who hate BJP, RSS, Muslims that you hate India not Muslims.

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